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hispanic [13 Jul 2007|11:16pm]

[ mood | confused ]

These are names i have already thought of i need help find a name for my unborn child. i dont know the sex yet either.  hispanic names perforably.  my baby is mexican so i need help! help me please!!!!!









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[10 Mar 2007|12:18pm]

oh man....i had forgotten about a childhood neighbor of mine. the family had close to 20 kids and one of the youngest ones was named Justin Other Massie....you know, like "Just Another Massie".

ah swerr to gawd!
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interesting yet suiting for the mother [03 Feb 2007|04:09pm]

I don't know if anyone here is an Ani Defranco fan but I just thought I would post that she gave birth to a 7 pound, 8 ounce little girl, Petah Lucia, at her Buffalo home early Saturday morning, January 20. Mother and baby are both healthy and happy. WDYT?
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[07 Apr 2006|07:24pm]

Hi, I'm Lana (not TOO odd)
I love odd names (and I did before it became cool too!) and was just wondering how everyone would pronounce the name Samien. I like it as Say-mee-en but I think it's intended to be pronounced Sam-ee-en which I don't think is as nice. Thoughts? Thanks, Lana.
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don't know if this has been asked before....... [07 Apr 2006|12:30pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

My husband and I love the name Natalie. We haven't decided on the spelling we like yet. We are not going to try to have another baby until maybe march. Getting pregnant that is. Is there any way to use the name Natalie as a middle name and it sound nice or should natalie just be a first name only name? And also my son's name is Draven and my daughter's name is Isis....would it be weird to give the third kid a "normal" name and not something exentric like draven or isis? Any help or ideas would be great.

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Hey, this place is a little too pink [31 Mar 2006|08:03pm]
Hi, I'm just here to say I have an extremely unfortunate name: Adolfo. Being a high school student (surrounded by other high school students) I have no end of grief.
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[12 Mar 2006|06:00pm]

What does everyone think of the name Belladonna? What middle name would go with it?
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Ugh [15 Feb 2006|06:13am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I love odd names, but i seriously think a friend of mine needs some professional help. She is convinced that spelling her daughters (she's pregnant with twins) is going to makes them "cool" or "different"

Kymburliee Railin Payge (obviously kimberly raylynn paige) while i knew a girl named "payge" her name was no where near this horrid.

Raycheal Ambur Pairis (rachel amber paris) the name combo in general sucks.

She already has two kids who skipped the funky spellings but ended up with horridly long names. I still go "wtf" was she thinking.

Valentino Jackson-Ariel Michele Versace lastnamehere
Devlynn Jacob Maxwell allan Schuylar (last name here)

Her name is Skyler Lynndell Rain (last name)

She wanted to name her kids after famous fashion designers (dior, prada, louis, versace) in that order (first two girls, second two her boys) thankfully her husband spared the children that, but failed to see how horridness in what she actually picked.

I'm just Stephanie (It was meant to be with an F instead of a ph but thanks to my dad it's not...) you wouldn't believe how many ways people have comes up with, when they attempt to spell my name. Of course they all claim to be "unique" and "cool" but they are just horridly bad..

Here look for yourselfCollapse )

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Just thought I'd share this one. [21 Jan 2006|05:41pm]

I went to middle school with a girl whose name was Tequila Brandy Alexander.
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[31 Dec 2005|12:20am]

Hey everyone!
I was wondering if you could help me find names that are girls' names and boys' names alike. There have to be some, right?
Just throw anything in the discussion you can think of, even if you don't like it I might :)
And a happy new year!!

EDIT: Via reading the replies I figured out some things about my taste I should probably mention: If it has different spellings for female and male or "sounds a little more like" it's not the right one however beautiful it may be. I really have to like it on both genders. I prefer "full" names not Abbreviations, and nothing too harsh probably. I liked these so far: Jordan, Logan, Riley, Taylor, Taryn, Morgan Laurel, Ryan & Devon. Also Harper or Adriel! And maybe Rowan (too harsh?) or Finley (too irish as I have no connection to Ireland?). But that's just me and somebody else may find just his boy's/girl's name in the ones I omitted. Thanks for your input so far!!
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[05 Nov 2005|10:44pm]

Hey, guys! Can anybody help me out? I'm writing a novel and I need a name for a unicorn tatoo. I'm aware that I sound crazy. and I assure you, the main character is not. :) Any suggestions?

PS I have a weird name, too. It's Devra Charly Snow. i like it, but... sigh.
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[21 Oct 2005|08:03am]

how would you pronounce this name... Thalia ?

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Hello [16 Oct 2005|07:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Yeah newbie here :)
Suprised it took me this long to find this place. You all seems great people and this place looks fun.

I've been obsessed over names since I can remember, and probably before.
Not sure why; I'm a writer too, so maybe it is the focus on the essence of idenity in names (that and you have to name characters).

My preference is unusual names, they just seem so much more interesting and refreshing. Learnt the downsides of common names from personal experience, my parents saddled me with one. It's a reasonable nice name (must be, as it's been used so much) but so not me. Not telling what is, just it's the 11th most popular female name over all ages according to the 1990 census (so die hard namenerds can look it up).

So yeah got sick of it, and during a long period of self discovery chose a new name for myself. Definetly think it suits me and am very happy with it.
The name is Sage Cerridwen
Never met any other Sages IRL, though know of a few through forums. I like that it's unusual, but there are no spelling/pronounciation issues.
As for Cerridwen, well that has a few (it's said ke-rid-when ... ke like in kettle). The original Cerridwen was a Welsh Goddess, I'm partly Welsh and definetly pagan, so really connect to her. So it's well worth it.

I have two companion rabbits, a boy & girl (don't worry, they've been neutred), and apparently their names are pretty odd.
The girl, who we adopted first, is Branwen Felicity, also after a Welsh Goddess. I stupidly assumed because the name is spelt phonetically people will be OK with it, but no, I have to explain it nearly all the time. Couldn't and wouldn't change it though, it suits her so perfectly.
Learnt from the experience though, her 'hubby' is Casey Jack

Not going to be having children any time soon, but that's never put me off making lists and picking out names. One the off chance of having a child today I would name them...
Boy: Lennon Raphael 'Leo' or River Thomas
Girl: Gaea Hazel [Gaea = jee-uh] or Rain Sophia

I like to combine unusual names with something more common, so they have that to fall back on.
I'm a libra though, so my downfall is being crippled with indescion and very fickle with my choices.

Anyway yeah, look forward to having fun and getting stuck in.

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[12 Oct 2005|09:18pm]

Hey there! Just found this community while surfing around. My name is Shalynne. (pronounced like Shay Lynn) I've always had trouble with people spelling or saying it wrong. I think this community is cool! ♥
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please join [05 Sep 2005|06:29pm]

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[19 Aug 2005|11:37am]

I made us a banner, because I think we need one. ^^

♥ Jobey
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Lalala. [30 Jul 2005|09:52am]

My name is Jobey, full name is Jobethany.

Yeah, I'm convinced my parents were on crack, but in the end it helped I guess cause I'm not like every other person in the world.

My favorite names that I have actually come across in life are:

Talya - Girl
Chaos - Boy
Fayde - Girl
Rayne - Girl
Starr - Girl
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[23 Jul 2005|02:30am]
My name, Madeleine, used to be unique but unfortunately I've been running into way too many Madeleine's as of late. In any case, I love the name Giselle (Gigi for short), and I'll probably name my daughter that when the time comes to have a baby. (I just hope it goes well with my future husband's last name!)
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Hi ya'all, new to the group [04 Jun 2005|12:14pm]

Hi ya'all, I was just looking for some neat communities to join and I found this one and I thought that it was great. A place for people with different names to go to.

My name is Rina, I haven't meet a lot of Rina's in my life, or they have been spelled differently, like Rena. Not very many of us out there, I would love to know that there are more of us out there. :)

I live in Northern California, right now it is in the low 80's and will only get hotter today.
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[02 Jun 2005|02:49am]

[ mood | awake ]

Ok, here goes.

My name is LaRae Constance. Try finding THAT on a key chain! And these are my favorite names!
Kaliana Grace
Kaiya Monroe
Tia Monroe
Tasia Laine
Rory Olivia

Evan Anderson
Everette Clark
Kai Addison
Hayden Anderson

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